Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Soical Change

In todays society we have an abundance of tools at our fingertips that allow us to tap into a world of social media.  From this social media, can change really happen? Can people really make a difference; a social change?  I would have to say that it most definitely can, and it has.

We have tools like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogs and YouTube (to name a few) that allows us to connect with people that we probably would not have networked with otherwise.  These tools allow us to see what is going on half way around the world. Let us take KONY2012 for example; this was an online infection, or as Gladwell would put it, contagiousness.  This online epidemic of a 30 minute video has hit the walls, sites, channels of social media on a global scale.  Has this resorted in a social change? Awareness has been opened up for the world, many people who were hidden under a rock of ignorance are now shown what terrors are happening and given a window to activists to make a difference.  When a difference is made, how can we not look at this as a social change? It all depends on what the people do with this information, social media has given us a platform to obtain the information and I guess time will tell; if all the people can come together on April 20th, and take a stand maybe there will be a social movement. Either way it opens up the door to take action on social change, it is left for the people to decide.

There are several instances over the years just like this one; when around the world crisis has happened and social media has given people a way to help because knowing is just the first step,  and that is what social media does, opens the door.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Soical Media - Quality of Information

Social media tools have opened up a door to the public; allowing people to become amateur authors, editors and publishers.  In today’s society it has come down to the click of a few buttons and you have a blank template to update the world on news and information.  Some may think that this is a great opportunity, allowing every day citizens to have a “voice”.  There just seems to be an issue with this new ability and it comes down to the quality of information.  Every person has their own view on things, and when we, as readers, are getting updated on news we like to hear an unbiased opinion.  It takes a professional to present information in a pleasing way to readers, which is why we have professional authors, editors and so forth.  The quality of information is diminished when we rely on amateurs to deliver the information.  A perfect example of information quality deteriorating is Wikipedia. This site is known to provide the public with information; it is very commonly known and used by people every day.  Wikipedia allows people to upload material to their site, this material is monitored but because it is a SEMI-open forum it is not a reliable source.

Social media plays a big part in how people interact and share information and news.  A couple examples are Facebook and Twitter.  A high majority of the world’s population has an account with these two social media tools and these tools main roles are to update people on news and information.  I can say from personal experience that having the ability to easily update over 300 people ideas, thoughts, experiences, knowledge, etc. it has its negative points. Some issues that happen are gossiping, misconstrued information, false facts, and looking like an idiot. All of these are problems that have arisen due to the quality of the news presented.  There is a positive when it comes to using social media tools, and that is fast and effective ways to spread “the word” but we must keep in mind that if “the word” isn’t quality information, then it isn’t worth reading in the first place.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Thoughts on Social Media

Every morning, when the alarm clock goes off I automatically roll over, grab my phone and check Facebook...  I do this for two reasons, it helps my brain wake up and I want to know what everybody else has been doing while I was sleeping away my night. It sounds like I am addicted to Facebook and that is simply because I am. Facebook has opened up a whole new world to me, one that I enjoy every day.  I have formed many relationships, planned lots of great parties and met long lost family members through this amazing social media service.  There is much more to social media then just Facebook, of course.   There are many tools that we have at our fingertips (literally) and each one of them has empowered the world to communicate on astonishing levels.  There are always negative sides to everything in life and naturally there are cons to social media but I won’t indulge in those, just simply stating that I am aware.  Therefore if there was a vote on social media, fan or foe? I am a fan. J  

 “Today is a new day, today is a day of difference and a day to take charge and explore new ideas.”

Social Media: A fad or a revolution?

Crocks, Crackle Nail Polish, Foxtails, Nerd Glasses, Silly Bands, etc.  …. these are known as the fads of 2011.  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace… these are some of the tools of social media, and yes, these may change. They may come out with an “iBook” one day and that may be the next best social media tool but looking at what social media truly is; the context, the conversations, the ability to reach across the globe and pluck out information; this is a revolution.  Social media is on the rise, from business to relationships and everything in between.  We are in the midst of a world that has discovered the ability to change communication as we have known it.  The world is forever changing, we are not about sticking to our past, we hold traditions; yes, but we are more focused on making new ones.  We do not want to rewind, take a step back when a breakthrough has occurred, such as social media, this will not be thrown to “the back seat” to find the next interesting idea. Social Media is a stepping stone into the future.